Quest for the best
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⤵ Scroll down to see LINKS related to or mentioned in this episode ⤵ What's the best medium to use for my content? We all want the best Everyone has different learning styles and preferences Writing, listening, and watching are the main mediums Blog, podcast, and video — try to hit everyone Pick the medium that is easiest for you to create "Brains are for having ideas, not holding them" David Allen When your life is chaotic, it's hard to be creative. Get stuff out of your head You don't have to run the world! Use a single idea to make your content strong Break things down into smaller pieces Convey one idea at a time Explain things step-by-step We need to work hard so our readers don't have to Let's whisper instead of screaming at people Rely on the strength of singularity Use deductive structure which means main point FIRST Let's stay in touch Read my research-based blog Follow me on Twitter @joshmitchell24 Follow me on Instagram @jayy_mitch Find me on Facebook Links:Getting Things Done: The Art of…