Get to the point & repeatable research routine
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"Stop telling stories and get to the point!" We also address a 5-step process you can use to conduct research regularly. ⤵ Scroll down to see LINKS related to or mentioned in this episode ⤵ Use pen and paper when you're stuck Helps you be more productive and creative Get away from your computer and try different tools Stop telling stories and get to the point Long stories aren't always a good thing! The power of story is the biggest opportunity for businesses and content People want to know the big idea and the main point Stories are more persuasive when the main idea is FIRST Michael Hague and Christopher Voguler talk about this in their classes Include the conclusion FIRST Add the backstory at the end How to research Find a book that you really like Look at the references and get those books Look at the references again Rinse and Repeat! Let's stay in touch Read my research-based blog Follow me on Twitter @joshmitchell24 Follow me on Instagram @jayy_mitch Find me on Facebook Links:PDF Software for Mac —…