Brett Scott and Paul Buitink; The cashless society and crypto-currency
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September 30, 2018
Paul Buitink talks to Brett Scott, author of The Heretics Guide to Global Finance – Hacking the Future of Money about the dangers of the cashless society. They also discuss the potential of crypto-currencies. After unsuccessfully applying for a job at Lehmann’s Brothers, Brett eventually worked a few years as a derivative broker. He then wrote his book as a guide on how to build alternatives to money, written with an anthropological lens. A lot of articles written about the cashless society are usually very one-sided and positive, with a poor understanding of the monetary system. For that reason Brett started writing about it to provide a counter-balance. It resonated well with conservatives and activists. Who are the victims of the war on cash? Elderly cling on to nostalgia, they’re used to the old system. The anti-surveillance activists on the other hand worry about privacy. There is also the risk of exclusion, for example for refugees. Other people worry about censorship. In general, by using banks, any…