Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin - Dave Birch and Paul Buitink
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Dave Birch is author of Identity is the New Money and Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin and is one of the founders of Consult Hyperion, a leading consultancy in the field of electronic transactions. You can find him at and Birch starts with explaining the importance of open banking and the new Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) in Europe, which will completely change banking. New threats will come more from big tech companies like Facebook, Alibaba than from other banks. Money has evolved over time says Dave and each era needs its own money. We went from money that we understood to money that understands us. Money is a mere social construct or a temporary institutional arrangement. Dave ties the growth in global trade and rise in standards of living with the invention of central banking. In England Isaac Newton played an important role setting up the central bank. Dave demystifies the buzz around blockchain. Most concepts don’t make sense since they’re…