Sustainability, and the harmful political policies; Arend van Campen en Henk Hadders
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Sustainability; Can harmful organisations, industries and or political policies that are social systems of communication, sustain themselves for the long term? Systems Sciences say no, they can’t. The day after John Elkington has recalled his “Triple Bottom Line” management concept, Arend van Campen and Henk Hadders have a dialogue about a new systemic understanding of life and sustainability, which also requires a new kind of thinking - thinking in terms of relationships, patterns, connectedness and context. They explore the role of threshold and limits, connected with two concepts of sustainability: (a) sustainability seen as positive impact on vital capitals and (b) sustainability seen as adaptability Both are alumni of the Capra Course, developed by Fritjof Capra and based on his book “The Systems View of Life” which he co-authored with Pier Luigi Luisi. Both Henk and Arend are doing research regarding sustainability management, measurement and reporting. Arend van Campen is a systems theorist and…