The Russians and their elites have grown up; Stan van Houcke and Gilbert Doctorow
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Gilbert Doctorow, member of the international observer mission to the Russian presidential elections in Crimea. His final conclusion is that the recent re-election of president Putin shows a tremendous leap forward in Russian self-awareness and national pride. The Russians and their elites ‘have stopped looking abroad for validation. They have grown up.’ Gilbert Doctorow is a professional Russia watcher and actor in Russian affairs going back to 1965. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard College (1967), a past Fulbright scholar, and holder of a Ph.D. with honors in history from Columbia University (1975). After completing his studies, Mr. Doctorow pursued a business career focused on the USSR and Eastern Europe. For twenty-five years he worked for US and European multinationals in marketing and general management with regional responsibility. From 1998-2002, Doctorow served as the Chairman of the Russian Booker Literary Prize in Moscow. A number of his early scholarly articles on Russian…