3: Racism Revisited
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Mike and Nathan follow up on comments from Episode 1 The Whitest of White Privilege. The discussion includes admiration for listeners who have adopted children, general frustrations with sociology, and a challenge to break down divisions in our personal lives. Connect with Not As Wrong notaswrong.com Like Not As Wrong on Facebook Follow @notaswrong on Twitter Support Not As Wrong on PatreonLinks:William Julius Wilson, The Declining Significance of Race: Revisited & RevisedWilliam Julius Wilson Revisiting Arguments Advanced in the Declining Significance of RaceWhite Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntoshWritten in Black & White Exploring Confirmation Bias in Racialized Perceptions of Writing SkillsFrame 394: Toronto Man Entangles Himself In Police-Involved Shooting | Oscar for Documentary ShortGRAPHIC: St Louis police officer shoots Kajieme PowellWhite Fragility by Robin DiAngelo