Chris Schumacher (Ep. 46): Murder, 16-to-life, and a second chance
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Chris Schumacher was a hard partying Californian who dealt weed to support his lifestyle. Then one day a suitcase of drugs disappeared - and his life was forever changed. In the mix of rage over the stolen drugs and fear of the consequences, Chris took a man’s life and was sentenced to 16-to-life. Chris walked into “The Yard,” navigated the gangs, racial tensions, and the unwritten rules all while knowing that as a “lifer” there’s a good chance he was never getting out. Chris committed to taking responsibility, getting sober, and preparing himself, just in case, he was given a second chance. He got a college degree and joined a program from The Last Mile where he learned software engineering and developed the Fitness Monkey app. In 2017, after serving 17 years, a parole board granted him his freedom. We discuss his re-entry into society, how he explains his dating status on Tinder, what he’d tell naysayers who don’t believe in second chances, and what he misses most about jail. + SHOWNOTES:…