2: My Lurch Is Not Your Lurch
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September 17, 2017
This week we followup on which actor played Lurch in the Adam’s Family, 1960’s vs 1990’s versions. We also discuss the Elaan of Troyius and a comparison of the HD effects update. The Orville has debuted and we breakdown the first episode which sets up the show. In the after show we discuss JJ Abrams set to to direct Star Wars IX. Episode 2 Show Links: Jonathan Kuehlein What Are Little Girls Made Of? The Adams Family (TV Series 1964-66) The Adams Family (1991) The New Adams Family (TV Series 1998-1999) These Kanye West Fans Want To Know: “Who Is Paul McCartney?” Watergate Scandal Enterprise Model at Smithsonian The Orville Galaxy Quest Firefly J.J. ABRAMS TO WRITE AND DIRECT STAR WARS: EPISODE IX