Episode 62: Virtualizing SQL Server
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November 17, 2017
It wasn’t that long ago that SQL Server was considered too resource-intensive to successfully virtualize. A new generation of hardware and advances in vSphere have made it much more common however it’s still easy to make mistakes that can result in poorly performing SQL Server VMs. This week we discuss SQL Server with Argenis Fernandez from Pure Storage. Topics discussed: OLTP\OLAP characteristics Common misconceptions with virtualizing SQL Server SQl Server IO Block Size Using Storage Policy Based Management for SQL Server VMs Links mentioned in this episode: What is SQL Server’s IO Block Size Deuplication and Compression on SQL Server StorageHub.vmware.com The Virtually Speaking Podcast The Virtually Speaking Podcast is a weekly technical podcast dedicated to discussing VMware topics related to storage and availability. Each week Pete Flecha and John Nicholson bring in various subject matter experts from VMware and within the industry to discuss their respective areas of expertise. If you’re new to the…