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February 23, 2018
Trying to explain what I do for a living is always fun. If I say I work in IT the response usually is “Oh can you fix my computer”? If the person is more tech savvy and knows what VMware is, I usually get the response “Oh so you’re a programmer” News Flash: of the 20,000+ employees at VMware we are not all “programmers” Its actually quite surprising how many different roles there are behind each software product regardless of the company. This week on the Virtually Speaking Podcast we are hosting our very own Career Day. Our good friend Glenn Sizemore collected a series of interviews with various employees describing their roles at VMware. We also dissect one of John’s recent blog posts on the topic and for good measure we brought in one the newest member’s of the vSAN team, Myles Gray, to share his on boarding experience and how he managed to find himself stuck with John and me as team mates. Links Mentioned VMware is Hiring! John’s Blog Post: So you’re thinking about taking a job Tech Village Podcast: EP 8…