Episode 39: Disaster Recovery with GS Khalsa
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This month’s massive outage of Amazon Web Services’ S3 (Simple Storage Service) platform, was if nothing else a reminder to us all that we need to have Disaster Recovery plans we can count on. This week we bring in one of VMware’s Disaster Recovery experts, GS Khalsa to discuss various aspects of Availability and Disaster Recovery. Gurusimran aka GS, is a Sr. Technical Marketing Manager working for the Storage and Availability Technical Marketing organization at VMware. A portion of his responsibilities revolve around developing content to enable and provide technical leadership for customers, partners, and communities. His primary focus is Availability, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity. You can follow GS on twitter @GuruSimran. Site Recovery Manager (SRM) is one of the most mature products in the VMware portfolio. It was first released in 2008 and, at one point in time, it was the second highest selling VMware product behind vSphere. Seriously. The reason for this resounding success is that SRM is a…