syncro’s podSHOW - Episode 12 (Jay Whittaker likes bar ambience and writing jokes.)
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Halloween is tomorrow! Ladies, is your slutty pirate costume ready? Fellas, is your ebola hazmat suit on lock? What a great time of the year if I say so myself. The World Series, NBA and NHL season starts, NFL is halfway through their season, so is college football, and great weather! I had the pleasure to sit down with fellow AirForce veteran, comedian, hard worker, and self made man Jay Whittaker. We recorded this at Maxwells downtown. Which was a first for me as far as recording with ambiance, I was worried at first about the potential sound quality. I’ll admit that. BUT, it turned a lot better then I even anticipated. We chat about the end of game 7, comedy idols, opening up for Patrice O’Neal, and dandruff shampoo! We chat about more stuff, I guess you will just have to listen! ENJOY! If you want to be on future episodes, email me at [email protected] Links: [email protected]