33 (w/ Jodi Jo & Jahn) - “The Siege of the Alamo”
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*Explicit Content* In this episode we have a little history lesson about, “The Alamo”. Happy Podcast Friday y’all. Let me start by saying we have our first official SPONSOR! Clean Cut Barber Shop in Salt Lake City, UT (21 E Kelsey Ave 84111). All their links are below to schedule an appointment but walk ins are welcome. By simpoly mentioning “Short Story Bingo” you get $5.00 off your first service! This is really excitiing as they have over 3.0 years of experience and thrive on the customer experience. So thank you again to Jodi and his team to make this possible! Today we read about “The Alamo”, and some of the stories that came from it. I think the biggest takeaway for me was that Santa Anna - the president of Mexico at the time - was captured! Beyond that the lives that were lost in the revolutionary effort is something that only hero’s speak about. Not to mention Jodi, Jon and I had some drinks, some laughs, and pretty good takes! Have a safe weekend, do ALL the things safely, and keep reading. Sit back,…