30 - “William Topaz McGonagall (Worst Poet in British History)”
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*Explicit Content* This episode is special!!! Let’s all learn about William McGonagall, who has been dubbed, the “worst poet in British History”. Happy #PodcastFriday everyone. This is the most UNIQUE episode thus far. I had a dream, the name Billy L. McGonagall came up MULTIPLE times. I thought it was just a funny throwaway name - legit I did not think it was a real name EVER held by a human being. Than…I asked Alexa, and Sir William Topaz McGonagall’s story was revealed yet again for our genration here to revel in! I became slighlty obsessed with his story, like, I still am to be honest. I want to re-name my gamer tag that I DON’T have, to @BillMcgonagall. That deep. Anyway, he is not too educated, you will find out why. Thus, his published poetry is littered with error. Oh poor Bill, I am happy that your work lives on post-humously! Enjoy y’all. :) Sit back, listen on your drive to work, take your shower, whatever the hell it is you find yourself doing - ENJOY a new episode of Short…Story…Bingo! Press…