18 (W/ Mandy Chacon) - “A Psychological Experiment”
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December 15, 2017
*Explicit Content* In this episode I read from, ”Great Horror Stories: 101 Chilling Tales”. Damn, are w ereally only two episodes away from #20? 16 days away from 2018? 261 days until my birthday (09-03)?! Yes! They are all true. Another thing that is true, my wife and I laugh our asses aff all the time. This blip of time is no different. I finally got her on the show after 17 episodes! She did great and I am sure, will be back on soon. Her laugh is infectious and her wit is sharp as the best of ‘em. You are withoubt a doubt are going to fall in love with her little chuckle. She told me that she wanted to read a horror story or an extra funny one, and since I know most of my fans are into some of the crime stories that I am - we went with the horror genre. This story was published in 1900! Yeah, you read that right. Richard Marsh was a master of his time in spine tingling thrillers. In, “A Psychological Experiment” a stranger returns from the dead to invoke fear into his killer. It has moments that are…