4 - “A Ghost Story”
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*Explicit Content* In this episode we read from one of many stories of Mark Twain’s, “A Ghost Story”! Classic writing is not at a loss here or ever on Short Story Bingo! Mark Twain is officially in the building on this silly ass podcast and is not leaving anytime soon. Today we read, “A Ghost Story’. This humorist wrote yet another gem. I would tell you everything but then why the hell would I have recorded the audio? Just kidding. This is a story of a giant that was alledgedly buried under a building that was not ever REALLY found, but it became such a news story that Mark Twain wrote about it. Hell, P.T. Barnum made a replica of it because he knew it would sell! Capitlaism at its finest! Enjoy another installment, share, like, and subscribe! PLEASE Email us ALL of your new stories you want heard, comments or anything you want menitoned, etc… to [email protected]