2 - “Shadow - A Parable”
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*Explicit Content* In this episode we read from the, “Complete Tales and Stories of Edgar Allen Poe” by Edgar Allen Poe. As we all know, Poe was very influential in his works of short stories, parables, and poems. In that he created a genre of writing that was not soon forgotten. I might crown him essentially the horror novelist of his time and perhaps the century. The ideas he had and told were beyond captivating or mind boggling, I say more thought provoking if nothing else. The story I read today, “Shadow - A Parable” is no different. In what could only be explained as a scary story for kids during the time of the plague and to instill fear of going outside to not be infected, this parable hits deep as it contains, “The Shadow”. This character as you will find out bears the voice of thousands of dead that have fallen before the 7 youth. This should be a good one…Enjoy as I take on another story that will make you laugh and cringe a little. Be sure to check out one of the best if not the best podcasts out…