1: Classic HWJF: Esri UC Round-up
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We're going to start up the next season of HWJF but in the meantime I'm revisiting all the great Google Hangout episodes as podcasts. These have been modified to be audio only (the best one can with a visual medium). Steven Citron-Pousty, Developer Advocate at Red Hat and and former Technology Evangelist for De Carta, chats with James Fee and Madeline Steele about all the highlights from the Esri UC! We comment on ArcGIS Online, Esri Maps for Microsoft Office, Esri's new pricing model, and more. The awesomeness of Metalachi is discussed in detail, and we also go over the Esri/Digital Globe deal. This was the real episode 1 of HWJF. We had no idea what we were doing other than making fun of Esri. There was zero practice but Madeline was why it worked first off.Special Guest: Steve Pousty.