403: Brian Timoney and “GIS is dead, long live data analytics”
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Note: Yes there was a microphone failure on my end. I was able to salvage my end of the discussion with a secondary source. Always plan, that's all I can say. Are interactive maps worth the effort? Js.Geo — Javascript used to be the hack language for non-programmers, now it's very complicated with build tools, etc, etc. What we're looking to highlight in the program FOSS4G - Server-less is the final disaggregation of GIS, but Functions As A Service is where the Cloud gets very very powerful. Open Data portals Python vs R: Microsoft support of R, R getting more robust for Spatial features, but for exclusive spatial people, Python is still the way to go. But for data people who occasionally to spatial, R has a lot to recommend it. My perception is that it's easier for grads/junior people with R to get (good) jobs Timoney loves Jupyter notebooks and R notebooks because writing code in small chunks and testing it agrees with his modest trial-and-error coding abilities. Is the Satellite Imagery/Satellite Imagery…