4: Classic HWJF: Our Geospatial Future
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We're going to start up the next season of HWJF but in the meantime I'm revisiting all the great Google Hangout episodes as podcasts. These have been modified to be audio only (the best one can with a visual medium). Peter Batty, a co-founder and CTO of the geospatial division at Ubisense, chats with James and Madeline about the future of geospatial technology. Peter has worked in the industry since 1986, serving as CTO of both Intergraph and Small World. He recently wrote a blog on the future of our field in the next 5 to 10 years that's well worth reading. In this Hangout, we focus on the growth of open source geospatial solutions, crowd-sourced data, indoor positioning, and more. James and Peter give out some career advice (hint: learn something other than just GIS), and James concludes with a puppet show!Special Guest: Peter Batty.