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Thomas has experience providing M&A advisory services to small to medium sized online businesses. He helps people understand the value of the businesses they’ve created. He has terrific insight about positioning your projects & businesses to grow that he’ll be sharing at LTV. His company, FE International, finds a good home for businesses when it’s time for the founders to move on. Life.Time.Value is a one-day, single track conference for only 160 people who don’t want to spend their working lives trading time for money. We’re hosting it on the 19th of April in Brighton in the UK. For tickets to the conference more details go to ltvconf.com. Show notes @ThomasSmale Thomas’ Twitter FE International Thomas’ company Selling Sifter Garrett was a client of Thomas’, selling his bug tracking SaaS Selling a Software Business Patrick McKenzie sold his Bingo Card Creator app to focus on other projects. Last year’s videos The videos from Life.Time.Value. 2016. How much should I charge for my digital product? Blog post…