Stef Lewandowski
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After a life-changing illness at 19, Stef vowed to create something every day. He tried agency-life and the VC-world but it turned out working alongside his wife on her passion project was the way to finally to balance their family life with their work life. Life.Time.Value is a one-day, single track conference for only 160 people who don’t want to spend their working lives trading time for money. We’re hosting it on the 19th of April in Brighton in the UK. For tickets to the conference more details go to Show notes @stef Stef’s Twitter Makelight Makelight, an inspiring online learning community of creative entrepreneurs and makers MakeShift Stef’s previous ‘product factory’ The Work We Do A podcast about people embracing exciting new ways of working. Every week, you’ll learn about the practices, journeys and rituals of professionals who can’t stand still. Hosted by Victoria Stoyanova. Smart Cuts Amazon UK link Serial entrepreneur and journalist Shane Snow delves into the reasons why some people…