Weaving a Data Fabric - Mark Carlton - Ep23
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Data it’s one of a modern organisations most crucial assets. With that in mind, how do we build a strategy that meets todays data challenges, how do we make sure we have a strategy not only ensures we can store our data on a resilient and secure platform, but also that we can take advantage of new data trends, like analytics, IoT and public cloud storage. In this weeks episode I discuss this with NetApp A-Team member Mark Carlton, we look at how NetApp’s data fabric strategy can help you to plan, develop and deploy a solution suitable for a modern organisations data needs. We not only discuss NetApp’s implementation but also how the fabric has grown beyond a NetApp centric view and how 3rd party tools from the likes of Varonis, Veritas and Veeam are integrated, making your data management solution more insightful, more complete. Enjoy the episode. Accompanying Blog is here… http://wp.me/p4IvtA-RG