Living on the data edge - Yadin Porter De Leon - Ep36
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There has no doubt been a change in the way we look at protecting and securing our key data, with robust data protection, enhanced data security plans and increased governance to ensure compliance with ever-increasing regulatory requirements. However, much of this is concentrated in our datacentre and our central data sets, which although critical, is not all of our data. Today critical data no longer lives behind corporate firewalls and security, it lives out on a wide range of mobile devices, laptops, tablets and smartphones, often 1000’s of miles away from our datacentre. When our data is so dispersed, how do we ensure we are protecting it on a wide range of different devices, how do we know where it is and what it contains? That is the focus of this weeks podcast, as I’m joined by Yadin Porter De Leon of Druva to discuss the challenge of data that lives right on the edge of our network. We look at the complexity of the problem and why it has too be much more than “backup” and why it’s critical we have…