05: Scoble In The Shower
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This week on Appaholics the guys talk about Workflows, creating music entirely from your phone, Apple making some of their apps free, Apple’s new Clips app, movies, music and more. Follow Up: Brian got his Turkey badge! Finally. Analysis of the Facebook app Apps we’re using: Justin: Bacon Escape, Star Wars 40th Anniversary Stickers, Nerd Wallet Brian: Home Inventory, Clips, Blackbox, NHL app, Gorillaz Links & discussion: Favorite Workflows: Evening Journal, Tip Calculator, Superfaver, Log My Weight, Home ETA Internet archive now has a browser based emulator of classic Mac hardware The hot new hip hop producer who does everything on his phone Apple Makes iMovie, GarageBand, and iWork Apps for Mac and iOS Free for All Users Coachella iPhone thief foiled by Find My iPhone Snapchat Introduces New AR Feature: World Lenses Spotify will window albums on Premium Media