Episode 82: Adam Perry & Ben Wehling of DAYSIX Outdoors
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This week we welcome Adam Perry & Ben Wehling of DAYSIX Outdoors. Adam & Ben are spreading their passion for the outdoors through DAYSIX in hopes of inspiring others to live an outdoor lifestyle. The name DAYSIX Outdoors came from the story of God’s creation that he made animals and people on the sixth day. Ben & Adam talk about what they are doing at Taylor University in Indiana to support conservation and wildlife management. They talk about the trap line they have been running for the last 3 years and the positive effect they are now seeing with the deer population. They also discuss the other things they are doing on the property, the benefit of predator control and what other projects they want to start to impact the students at the university. If you are curious about trapping or predator management then give this one a listen!