29: Welcome to the Productivity Guild Podcast
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Theoretical Accountability is now rebranded to The Productivity Guild Podcast. At the same time, Josh is now losing weight. And Joe is potentially staying solo.Links:[Pro Members] Watch the videoHeroic Public SpeakingDragon NaturallySpeakingDragon AnywhereMartha Graham on the Hidden Danger of Comparing Yourself to OthersPilot Vanishing Point on Amazon[Pro Members] Can paper replace OmniFocus? - Productivity GuildPaperheads, paperazzi, papists … what does your paper task system look like? - Productivity GuildWhims That Work: I’m Going to Have a Problem Tomorrow Because I’m Saying This NowWhims That Work: Paper WorksWilson NgJoe's Newsletter: Twitter Fail and My iPhone X OrderJoin Joe's Newsletter[Pro Members] 17-10: Make Your Bed by William McRavenMake Your Bed by William H. McRavenPerennial Seller by Ryan HolidayPrinciples by Ray DalioMindset by Carol S. DweckAlgorithms to Live By by Brian Christian, Tom GriffithsNever Split the Difference by Chris Voss, Tahl RazExactly What to Say by Phil M JonesThe Subtle…