97: Sage Advice from a 40 Year Marketing Career - Joel Book
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When you look up the definition of sage advice, it states proceeding from or characterized by wisdom, prudence, and good judgment. This defines the career of Joel Book. In my tenure at ExactTarget, my path crossed with Joel throughout events, prospect meetings, and client discussions… and I’m a better person and marketer for knowing him. Joel is the Director of Digital Marketing Insight for Salesforce. As a founding member of the Marketing Insights team for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Joel teaches companies how to use customer data, digital media, and marketing automation technology to deliver a seamless customer experience across online and offline channels. Joel’s optimism is both undying and contagious. He never stopped pushing the importance of email, the importance of measurement, and the importance of being a student every day of your career. Joel was one of the first senior marketers that I worked with that also understood the impact of his work on sales. If Joel could just take the time to…