26: Origin Stories 3: Nipple On The Science Boob
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In the third episode about what it's like to be former academics, Knut and Chris go deep: statistics, uncertainty, why science is wrong, Guinness, having animals thrown at you, and Sisyphus Cliff's Notes. Links:PHD ComicsxkcdRandall Munroe - WikipediaGuns N’ Roses - Live And Let Die - YouTubeQueen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video) - YouTubeRonald Fisher - WikipediaÅrhus - Google MapsGoing To An Academic Conference? Here Are Some TipsScientists aim to keep the crunch in cornflakes - TelegraphDonald Rumsfeld - WikipediaThere are known knowns - WikipediaCorbett Report – Alex Tsakiris Argues That Science Is Wrong About Almost EverythingWhy Science Is Wrong…About Almost Everything: Alex Tsakiris, Rupert Sheldrake: 9781938398315: Amazon.com: BooksA Beginner’s Guide To Uncertainty Of Measurement [PDF]Meta-analysis - WikipediaReplication crisis - WikipediaDaniel Kahneman Sees ‘Train-Wreck Looming’ for Social Psychology – Percolator - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher EducationJobs Are Scarce for Ph.D.s - The…