21: Remedial Troll
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In an episode that deals — more or less — with folklore, Knut and Chris tackle traditional Norwegian fairytales and Scottish mythical creatures. Chris resolves only to communicate using emoji; Knut is oppressed.Links:Three Billy Goats Gruff - WikipediaAmazing Footage: Goats Climbing on a Near-Vertical Dam | National Geographic - YouTubeTroll - WikipediaNorwegian goat - WikipediaWhat is “Inverse Square Law”? — Useful when setting up a microphone or speaker, the inverse square law states that, in a free field the intensity of sound drops by 6 dB for each doubling of distance from the source. First Attempts to Save Goat Bro! (save Goat Bro Made By a Awesome Youtuber i do not know#1 - YouTubeCrossFit - WikipediaGrimms’ Fairy Tales - WikipediaThe Three Little Pigs - WikipediaThree Blind Mice - WikipediaCookie Monster Learns a Lesson from Tom Hiddleston - YouTube — (delayed gratification)Chicken Crossing Puzzle - SolutionPrisoner’s dilemma - WikipediaMartyn Bennett “Grit”: The Documentary - YouTubeObituary: Martyn…