15: Norwegians Are Superior
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In which Chris travels around Norway a lot using as many different kinds of public transport as possible, and Knut and Norwegians everywhere preen as the latest figures are released showing that Norway is the best at yet another thing.Links:Døgn (Knut’s word of the week) - WiktionaryNorway Is No. 1 in Happiness. The U.S., Sadly, Is No. 14. - The New York Times”Bureaucrats are the secret to our happiness” — Harald Eia/Aftenposten — (This piece in Aftenposten is in Norwegian, but the video at the top of the page is in English)Royal Anthem of Norway - “Kongesangen” (The King’s Song) - YouTubeGud Signe Vårt Dyre Fedreland - Bodø Domkor - YouTubeMellom Bakkar og Berg - YouTubeSwing Low, Sweet Chariot By Etta James - YouTubeSwing low, Sweet Chariot - sung at Twickenham - England v. France 2011 - YouTubeThe Corries, Flower of Scotland - YouTubeAmy Macdonald - Flower of Scotland - YouTubeFlower of Scotland - WikipediaRødgrøt med fløte på, det er så godt å få - YouTube — Guy driving his car sings the porridge song.…