28: Origin Stories 5: A Small Career Suicide
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In the fifth (of three, and definitely final) episode in our academy miniseries, it's Chris's turn to explain why she ditched the academy, and why she's probably not going back.Links:Alex Jones (radio host) - WikipediaAustin, Texas - WikipediaNew rainfall in Bergen - 26 rainfall so far in June — oh Google translate, we love to mock you. But what you do is admittedly quite impressive.Research shows professors work long hours and spend much of day in meetings — “On average, faculty participants reported working 61 hours per week – more than 50 percent over the traditional 40-hour work week.”Urban Dictionary: JobbieNew universities (United Kingdom) - WikipediaUniversities aren’t about teaching v. research, they’re about teaching and research - The Globe and MailTheory of multiple intelligences - WikipediaPsychopathy - WikipediaPsychologists or Psychiatrists: The Distinctions Between Psychology vs. PsychiatryThe Psychopath Test - WikipediaDexter (TV Series 2006–2013) - IMDbThis Is Fine | Know Your MemeSigur Rós…