25: Origin Stories 2: Intellectual Honeymoon
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In the second episode covering Small Differences' tales from the academy, Chris and Knut chat about nerding out on your study subject, PowerPoint, and Liam Neeson.Links:Electroencephalography - WikipediaScanning Dead Salmon in fMRI Machine Highlights Risk of Red Herrings | WIREDMagnetic resonance imaging - Wikipediaskippertak – Wiktionary — (a tidied-up version of google translate says) The term is from seamen’s times, when often on long voyages the men had little to do most of the time while they traveled, whereas in the short periods when the ship was entering or leaving a harbor there was a lot to do, and everyone had to get on with what they were good for, including the skipper.Operationalization - WikipediaWorld Values Survey - WikipediaSocial science researchers rely too much on Western college students.Cognitive science of religion - WikipediaEureka effect (the aha! moment) - Wikipedia???? PROFIT!!!! | Know Your MemeSophie’s World - WikipediaComparison of Norwegian Bokmål and Standard Danish -…