13: Glottal Free Bakery
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Knut explores Copenhagen the city; Chris deplores Copenhagen the tobacco product. Also discussed this week: meat, coffee, Scandinavian interoperability, Lilyhammer (not Lillehammer), and which of Norway's many uncanny valleys Chris might actually be from.Links:Veslebror ser deg (English title: Little Brother) Cory Doctorow — This is what Chris reads an exerpt from at the start of the episode. This translation is in Nynorsk (not Bokmål)Little Brother (Cory Doctorow novel) - WikipediaStavanger - WikipediaUncanny valley - WikipediaWhat happens when lightning strikes an airplane? - Scientific AmericanSnakes on a Plane (2006) - IMDbFerge Kristiansand-Hirtshals (ferry from Norway to Denmark)Kid A (Radiohead album) - WikipediaDeftones - WikipediaRadiohead - WikipediaDesignmuseum DanmarkHans Wegner - WikipediaRelæ (restaurant in Copenhagen)Spontan (Copenhagen brewery/restaurant)Brettxit (the beer) - DN.noIndia pale ale - WikipediaKamelåså — Danish language sketch - YouTube — Yes, this is at least the third time…