44: Horse Milieu
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Chris has a new hobby; Knut has an announcement.Links:The Design Sprint — Google Ventures"The lubricating ski — what's the difference?" — “Fellowship and lubrication skiing”. Google translate wreaks delightful havoc on a piece attempting to explain the difference between the cross-country skis you butter, and the ones you don’t. Enjoy. Herringbone or "Duck-Walk" technique - YouTubeAll About Classic Skis – Cross Country Ski TechniqueFelleski for sale on finn.noSkiforeningen: Bogstadvannet — Norway’s cross-country skiing association prepares tracks for people to use. There are a lot of tracks :) Colours on the map indicate how recently the track is prepared.Alfred - Why do we fall ? - YouTube — Obligatory Batman referenceThe Elements of Cross-country Skiing: Classic Technique - YouTubePrimitive Technology - YouTube - YouTube — Knut’s favourite YouTube channel. File:Europe sunshine hours map.png - Wikimedia Commons