38: A Byproduct of Mastery
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Knut and Chris discuss why learning a new language doesn't get any easier, and the costs of pursuing mastery. Knut also gives an important tractor update.Links:It does not get easier – Chris Atherton – Medium — The thing Chris wrote, which is kind of the topic of today’s show.Cognitive biases are not the same as mental models – Netlife – Medium — This is the other thing which Chris wrote about, but which is not today’s topic.Americans (TV Series 2013– ) - IMDbSpråkrådetKarl Popper - WikipediaSteven Pinker - WikipediaCritical period - Wikipedia — “older learners of a second language rarely achieve the native-like fluency that younger learners display, despite often progressing faster than children in the initial stages.” — that sound you’re hearing now is Chris sobbing. Astroturfing - WikipediaThe Low Frequency In Stereo - Astro kopp - YouTube