4: Consensual Wilderness
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Knut and Chris discuss Norway's obsession with spending time outdoors, including road skiing and kappgang. Knut has pigs in his decks; Chris is excited about Skam.Links:What’s he building in there? - YouTubepinnekjøtt pinner - Google Images Search — Sticks for steaming pinnekjøttPinnekjøtt på mandelpotetrist med kålrotstappe - Godt.no - Finn noe godt å spise — Steam the Pinnekjøtt on a grid of almond potatoes. (Dinner For One) British comedy lives on in German television | Media | The Guardian“Edited It” - Pete Holmes: Faces and Sounds (HBO) - YouTubeDisgusted of Tunbridge Wells - WikipediaWorld’s biggest pooping marzipan pig? It must be Christmas in Norway. - The LocalPrometheus: The Discipline of Fire & Demise - WikipediaThe Court Jester - The Pellet With The Poison - YouTubeThe Wadsworth Constant | Know Your MemeRoyal Variety Performance - WikipediaNyttårstalen 2016 (King Harald’s New Year’s Eve speech 2016 — in Norwegian) @movito on Twitter: What’s this accent called?Cape Breton Island - WikipediaDick…