14: A Good Recipe For Wind
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This week Chris and Knut tackle carrot peeling (and end up putting instructional videos on YouTube), Marmite, a surprising twist on the British National Anthem, and what to do about that awkward last slice of cake. Chris ducks the opportunity to have a two-minute hate; Knut gets wet feet.Links:Fancy a beer outside? There’s a Scandi word for that – and so much else | Life and style | The Guardian — To most native Scandinavians, this Scandimania is both creepy and flattering. Buying Acne jeans is one thing; borrowing from their entire sociocultural fabric is borderline Ripley. Scandinavia, of course, is a sum of its snowy parts – Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland – although we tend to lump their psyches together into one giant, social-democratic, sauna-loving landmass of smoked fish, dark nights and trees.Yr – weather forecast for OsloYr – weather forecast for Bergen (Hordaland)Wind Relieving Pose Pose • Yoga BasicsFahrenheit to Celsius conversion | °F to °C | Temperature conversion“There’s no such thing as…