8: Gather Ye Entropy While Ye May
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In this short, sweet episode, Knut and Chris tie up a bunch of loose ends — including a deep dive into the toilet, or at least English and Norwegian euphemisms for using it. Other topics include the socialist slant to Norwegian work lunches, and ordering reindeer meat on Amazon. Links:Balestrand - WikipediaTwitter thread: “British people! Please to reply with your impressions (informed or otherwise) of Scandinavia generally and Norway specifically? Thanks! :)”Norwegian Constitution Day - Wikipedia — Why the English Wikipedia page calls it Constitution Day when the name in Norwegian is Nasjonaldagen (“the national day”) is beyond me.Saint George’s Day (England’s equivalent of Nasjonaldagen) - WikipediaSt. Andrew’s Day (Scotland’s equivalent of Nasjonaldagen) - WikipediaSaint David’s Day (Wales’s equivalent of Nasjonaldagen) - Wikipedia — No bank holiday here either, thanks Tony Blair Saint Patrick’s Day (which everyone seems to celebrate, not just the Northern Irish part of the UK) - WikipediaBunad (Norwegian…