7: Lingo-Existential Crisis
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Knut and Chris get out of bed utrolig tidlig to try and add a different flavour (coffee) to the podcast. This week: language. Topics include the appropriateness of choosing one's own accent or dialect in Norwegian and English, and why spoken Norwegian sounds like someone trying to put on their other shoe.Links:Paris syndrome - WikipediaStephen Pinker: The Language Instinct - WikipediaPacing of syllables in a language: Isochrony - WikipediaNorwegian dialects - WikipediaTable - Municipalities, by language used in administration. Bokmål and nynorsk (SY 236)Norwegian: Bokmål vs. NynorskWhen is Norwegian not Norwegian? - Life in NorwayThe effect of bidialectal literacy on school achievement: International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism: Vol 0, No 0 — The finding is that municipalities with Nynorsk pupils have better than average results in national tests once socio-economic factors are taken into consideration. We suggest that this may be seen as an effect of the ‘bilingual advantage’ in…