12: Too British To Be Useful
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February 28, 2017
Knut and Chris compare Norwegian and British TV comedy, with a side-order of national anthems and personal space. Chris has a theory about why Americans love British television; it's Knut's turn to spill the coffee. Links:Braveheart: Freedom Speech - YouTubeBill O’Reilly - You Can’t Explain That | Know Your MemeReconcilable Differences (podcast) - Relay FMAccidental Tech PodcastEverything is a RemixHolland (a region of the Netherlands) - WikipediaNordic countries (and how that’s different from Scandinavia) - WikipediaCountries of the United Kingdom (Scotland is not in England) - WikipediaDutch language - WikipediaHow close is Dutch to Norwegian? - DuolingoYlvis | Official homepage for Ylvis | Language of Love - new video!Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) [Official music video HD] - YouTubeYlvis ringer til Nederland for å bestille hotell (Ylvis calls the Netherlands to book a hotel) - YouTube — There’s a bit of preamble in Norwegian, so skip to 1:10 if you just want to hear how the call goes down.I…