10: Phonetic Swiss Army Knife
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February 16, 2017
In which Knut and Chris make a lot of sounds, especially vowels. This week's episode includes intra-Norwegian racism, the bleak post-coffee podcasting future, and bonus Liv Tyler shivers. Under no circumstances fiddle with the wiring.Links:Harry Potter in Norwegian — CDON.COMHarrius Potter in Latin – Amazon.co.ukWinnie the Pooh in Latin – Amazon.comReal statistics and folk statistics: modeling mental models - Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social ScienceDaniel Kahneman: Thinking, Fast and Slow - WikipediaTruthiness - WikipediaDrunk History - YouTubeBayes’ theorem - WikipediaI Paid a UX Expert $100 to Get Drunk and Evaluate Gizmodo’s DesignThis algorithm can tell if you’re drunk tweeting - CBS NewsThe Spatial Impact of Government Decisions on Postwar Economic Change in North Norway on JSTORIndustrial Revolution in Scotland - WikipediaAlways Be Closing - YouTubeAdam Baldwin - WikipediaAlec Baldwin - WikipediaLanguage with ingressive speechIngressive sound - WikipediaDanish language - WikipediaThe…