5: Long Tail of Socialism
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Chris and Knut attempt to bottom out the difference between drizzle and rain, and whether it's really necessary to cover your shoes at the fitness center. Knut recommends Max Weber in the original German.Links:Occam’s razor - WikipediaYr – Været (weather) for Norge og verden fra NRK og Meteorologisk instituttBugle 4011 - George W Bush Nostalgia by The Bugle | Free Listening on SoundCloud — Hygge, and Canute (Knut)LastWeekTonight - YouTubeCnut the Great - WikipediaJohaug Tests Positive for Anabolic Steroid After Using Sunburn Cream Recommended by Team Doctor - FasterSkier.comBBC - Voices “The way we speak around the UK”Winnebago Industries - WikipediaBeach huts in the UKFinnish store mocks Norway champ with lipbalm deal - The LocalTHIS is the movie with Robert Downey Jr and his shoe covers. Chef (2014) - IMDbSay hei! Small Differences - Contact forminnocent drinks on Twitter: “”So how was your Christmas?” #BackToWork https://t.co/1CiurlKRcV”VeryBritishProblems on Twitter: “Extra points if you hear them all…