24: Origin Stories 1: Hipster Precocious Nine-Year-Old
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In the first of three related episodes, Knut and Chris explore how they came to be former academics, and what exactly is wrong with the academy in their respective countries. This week: where it all started. Links:Summary of the academic breakfast meeting where Knut was the “provocateur” — “Melva” (not sure we can blame Google Translate for that one)Sophie’s World - WikipediaUniversitetet i Bergen |Hallingdans - Hallgrim Hansegård — Watch this guy build up to kicking that hat off the stick. 👌Loen Skylift — Possibly the world’s most expensive cablecar. (Possibly?! Who are we kidding.)”The police ask people to respect the holiday celebrations — over 20 complaints Thursday” — Angle-grinders gonna angle-grind”The spread of electric bikes explodes” — (usual Google Translate warning applies)