18: Bear Pictionary
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Knut reads from a Norwegian book of spells. Chris questions the bare necessities of cabin life. John Siracusa’s Follow-up is named checked for citation purposes. The Pixar movie Brave is discussed (here be spoilers). Links:Norske Hexeformularer og magiske Opskrifter – heimskringla.no — The collection of witchcraft and magic recipes, from which Knut read from at the start.Bergen - WikipediaSurvivalism - WikipediaReconcilable Differences #49: Celebrity Outreach Program - Relay FM — This is the episode where John and Merlin talk about follow-up as a podcast thing to do.5by5 | HypercriticalThe Jungle Book (1967 film) - WikipediaChris’s Norwegian pronunciation playlist on SpotifyThe Fifth Element - The Diva Dance Opera (with lyrics and translation) - YouTubeMarmite - WikipediaNorway to build world’s first ship tunnel - CNN.comStad skipstunnel | Flickr — Photos/videos relating to this new ship tunnel Norway is determined to drill. #alwaysbedrillingNRK TV - SKAM — The state of the episode numbering. The Princess…