28: Dodge Challenger Demon After Dark
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On this after dark, explicit tag special, we talk about the all-new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon that debuted in New York. Our roundtable includes friend-of-the-show Christian Moe and Shannon Robb. We talk power, performance, potential price, and if there'll be a Charger Demon. We also look at the competition, including Hennessey's Exorcist. Also, can you build a car as good as the Demon for the price of the Demon? All of that and more on this special edition of the Future Motoring podcast!Special Guests: Christian Moe and Shannon Robb.Sponsored By:Buckeye I.T. Services, LLC: Automated transcripts for this episode provided by Buckeye IT Services and their filtered technology. They provide government, K12 and business support while eliminating stress, confusion and overwhelming technology options. For more information, visit buckeyeit.com.Links:2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon: Everything We Know (April 2017) - Future MotoringHere's Why You Can't Take Your Dodge Demon To The Drag Strip'Exorcist' Chevy Camaro…