6: Lane Splitting in the U.S. and Chevrolet Bolt EV Goes on Sale
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Happy New Year! On this episode of the Future Motoring podcast we talk to Jason Channell about lane splitting for motorcycles. Why is it legal in many parts of the world — including California — but not legal in the rest of the United States? Is it really safer? Then we'll talk to Fred Ligouri from the Chevrolet Bolt EV communications team about the Bolt EV. First customer models were recently delivered to their buyers, putting them on sale way before the Tesla Model 3. What is the Bolt EV and why does it matter? All of that and more on the Future Motoring podcast!Special Guests: Fred Ligouri and Jason Channell.Sponsored By:Buckeye I.T. Services, LLC: Automated transcripts for this episode provided by Buckeye IT Services and their filtered technology. They provide government, K12 and business support while eliminating stress, confusion and overwhelming technology options. For more information, visit buckeyeit.com.Links:GM to Start Autonomous Vehicle Manufacturing and Testing in MichiganChevrolet Delivers…