16: 2018 Ford Expedition Revealed, Shifting Lanes Pt. 1: The Grand Tour Recap
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On this episode of Future Motoring, we talk about the all-new 2018 Ford Expedition. It's aluminum and packed with technology. We have everything you need to know about the big SUV. Then, we air part one of a multi-part interview with Chad, Hansen, and Gregson from Shifting Lanes. On this segment, we talk about this season of The Grand Tour, what they did wrong and what they did right, and what to expect in the future. We also talk about old and new Top Gear, and discuss why we're excited for the upcoming series. All of that and more on this episode of the Future Motoring podcast!Special Guests: Chad Kennedy, Gregson Mathe, and Hansen Lukman.Sponsored By:Buckeye I.T. Services, LLC: Automated transcripts for this episode provided by Buckeye IT Services and their filtered technology. They provide government, K12 and business support while eliminating stress, confusion and overwhelming technology options. For more information, visit buckeyeit.com.Links:2018 Ford Expedition RevealedAmazon.com: The Grand Tour…