21: EVs and Super Fasts and Landaulets, Oh My!
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February 28, 2017
On this episode of Future Motoring, Nolan Browning from The Ignition Blog and Internet Brands joins us to talk about EV adoption, the super fast Ferrari 812 Super Fast, and the Mercedes Maybach G650 Landualet. Apparently it's really difficult to build cars. Who knew? Is the Super Fast name super dumb? Well it does have history with Ferrari. But can anyone really buy a Ferrari these days, or is it just for people who have had Ferraris all their lives? Finally, what's the best vehicle to take on safari? The G650 Landualet, of course! All of that and more on this episode of the Future Motoring podcast!Special Guest: Nolan Browning.Sponsored By:Buckeye I.T. Services, LLC: Automated transcripts for this episode provided by Buckeye IT Services and their filtered technology. They provide government, K12 and business support while eliminating stress, confusion and overwhelming technology options. For more information, visit buckeyeit.com.Links:Faraday Future has a year to prove it can do what other tech companies…